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Emotional i is an elite team of  consultants driven to revolutionize the Human-A.I. interface by infusing emotional intelligence and social awareness into A.I. development. Our mission is to create A.I. solutions that understand and respond to human emotions, needs, and preferences, making interactions more natural, intuitive, and empathetic through diligent review, feedback, and implementation.​

Where We Thrive:


  • Contextual understanding evaluation

  • Conversational dialogue assessment

  • Multimodal interaction evaluation

  • Emotional intelligence and empathy assessment

  • Domain-specific knowledge evaluation

  • Creative writing and generation feedback

  • Ethical consideration assessment

  • User experience and usability feedback

  • Cultural sensitivity and awareness evaluation

  • Continuous learning and improvement assessment


Where We Focus:

  • Developing A.I. that enhances human relationships and experiences

  • Empowering businesses to connect with their customers on a deeper level

  • Improving lives through more compassionate and understanding A.I. interactions

Join us in shaping the future of responsible Human-A.I. collaboration and creating a more emotionally and ethically integrated intelligent world.

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