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Andrew Zang

Andrew Zang, a husband, father of two daughters, lawyer, and global corporate real estate advisor from New York City has spent the past 12 years consulting for numerous publicly traded companies, global fashion and textile retailers, law firms, international Banks, as well as Universities. Through his decade long tenure of tenant advocacy, he has developed a keen sense of self awareness that started at a young age. Growing up with the belief that good behavior leads to success, instilled by his parents, has played a crucial role in shaping his journey towards striving for better understanding emotional intelligence.

Andrew's experiences in customer service within the workforce and workplace advisory setting, particularly in having made over 100,000 cold calls in his career, has greatly influenced his understanding of self assessment and self reflection. The challenge of persuading strangers to meet with you let alone discuss real estate has taught him the importance of enjoying the process and being persistent. He recognizes the impact of corporate culture and talent recruitment based off of the workplace setting employees go to everyday.

I can’t wait to help innovate the workforce and create the best culture a company can house within their workplace!
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